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Are Your Pipes Trying to Tell You It's Time to Hire a Plumber?

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While the idea of your pipes trying to talk to you may sound a bit absurd, the fact is that your plumbing system will often alert you to call a plumber long before an actual plumbing emergency occurs. In many cases, this heads-up will often come through the sounds your pipes are making. Learning to decipher the clues your pipes are giving you can ultimately save you a ton of money by allowing you to address plumbing issues early on rather than waiting until you find yourself dealing with a crisis. 

Pipes Making A Banging or Knocking Sound

If you hear a loud banging or knocking sound coming from your pipes, there are two main issues that are likely to be the cause. The first issue occurs if you have copper piping in your home. When hot water passes through a copper pipe, the pipe will naturally expand. If this pipe needs to pass through any tight spaces, the pipe can hit against other building materials as it expands and create the banging sounds that you hear. Over time, this can lead your pipes to start leaking. Consequently, you will want to call in a plumber to either replace the copper with PVC piping or reroute the copper pipe so that it does not collide with other surfaces as the pipe expands. 

The second issue that can cause this type of noise is water pressure that is too high. This typically occurs in older homes since most newer homes have pressure regulators to prevent this issue from occurring. If your home is not currently equipped with a pressure regulator, your plumber will need to install one in order to correct this issue and prevent it from happening again in the future.

Pipes Making A Gurgling Sound

Another common sound that can alert you to the need for a plumber is a gurgling sound in your pipes. Deciphering the cause of this sound will often depend upon the type of waste system your home uses. If your home uses a septic system, a gurgling sound in your pipes will often mean that your septic tank is reaching capacity and needs to be pumped before it overflows.

If your home makes use of a sewer system for eliminating wastewater, a gurgling sound in your pipes can point to an obstruction in the pipe that is preventing the wastewater from flowing freely. One of the most common types of obstructions is tree roots that have grown into the drainage pipes. 

To learn more about your pipes, contact a plumber in your area today.