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Know About Your Sewer Line And Repair Issues

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Along with the plumbing concerns you have regarding your drains, fixtures, and pipes throughout your home, you also need to learn about the sewer line. This is an important part of your plumbing often forgotten until there are problems with it, and then you can find yourself in a very bad situation. This writing contains more information on sewer pipelines that you are going to want to know:

Understand the sewer line may be yours to fix

Some people automatically think that sewer line problems are the city's job to fix. However, in many jurisdictions, it falls on the homeowner to have sewer line issues repaired if the damaged portion happens to fall on the homeowner's land. So, if you are starting to wonder if you have sewer issues, find out right away who is responsible and act quickly to have repairs done before it gets worse. 

Sewer line inspections can save you time, trouble, and money

If you are starting to experience some issues with your plumbing, and they are leaving you worried about the possibility of it being a sewer line problem, then you can have someone come out right away. A plumber can look at the sewer line with equipment that shows them exactly what's going on with the use of video technology. They may find that there is something that needs minor repairs. By catching the problem early, the repairs can be much easier. This means they can save you on time, trouble, and money. By ignoring those first signs, you may be looking at huge problems soon that can need major repairs. 

There are many signs of sewer problems

The most responsible thing that you can do for your home is to learn what signs can mean sewer line problems. Here are some of the signs that your sewer may need repairs: 

  • A sudden and new pest infestation can indicate a broken sewer line
  • Mold on your wall can indicate a sewer line leak
  • Slow drains after already cleaning them can indicate a blockage in the sewer line
  • Areas where the grass is much greener than the rest can indicate a sewer line leak
  • A dip in the yard that never used to be there can indicate a leak in the sewer line
  • Cracks developing in the foundation can mean a leak in the sewer line
  • A foul sewer smell can indicate a cracked or broken sewer line


The best thing that you can do is to call a plumber any time you have reason to believe you may have an issue with the sewer line, even if the issue doesn't appear to be serious, yet. You never want to wait for a serious problem because it means more serious repairs, and it can lead to something very bad happening, like a lot of backup in your home that will be unhealthy to be around and can cause damage that needs to be cleaned up.

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