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How Do Plumbers Perform Drain Repair?

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Drains allow wastewater to be funneled away from your home and into the appropriate septic tank or municipal wastewater treatment plant. When drains are unable to fulfill their function, the result can be unhealthy standing water which can proliferate bacteria and foul odors. Clogged and damaged drains must be repaired as soon as possible, and a plumber can help. Here are four tools that a plumber can use to repair your drain:

1. Plunger

Plungers are the go-to tool for plumbers and homeowners alike. Plungers can clear many common blockages from drains by creating a vacuum seal that can dislodge clogs. The plunger your plumber will use to clear your sink or shower drain is different from the one you may have used to clear clogs in your toilet. A plunger of the right size and shape will form a better seal over your drain, allowing your plumber to work more effectively.

2. Chemical Drain Cleaner

Sometimes, drain blockages cannot be budged by a plunger. If your plumber suspects that it's not a single clog that is making your drain nonfunctional, but instead an accumulation of grime inside your pipes, they may use a drain cleaner. Drain cleaners are made of highly caustic chemicals. These chemicals can scour the inside of your pipes, melting away common sources of clogs like fat, soap scum, and other residue.

3. Drain Auger

Sometimes the problem with your drain is located deep in your pipes. U-bends in pipes are a common place for clogged material to hide. A drain auger, or plumber's snake, can be used to gently push the clog through the pipe, allowing water to flow freely once again. A plumber can use their expertise to maneuver a drain auger through your pipes for maximum results.

4. Sewer Camera

Sometimes, plungers, drain cleaners, and drain augers fail to remove the source of your drain blockage. When your plumber has exhausted all their other resources, they may turn to a sewer camera to find the cause of your drainage issues. Sewer cameras are mounted on long, flexible cables that can be manipulated through your sewage system. The camera at the end of the cable will transmit visual information to a small screen, which will allow your plumber to see inside your home's deepest pipes without cutting through your walls. Sewer cameras can help plumbers pinpoint the source of drain blockages so they can take the appropriate steps to clear them away.

To learn more about drain repair, contact a plumber near you.