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Grease Clogging Your Kitchen Drain? What You Should Do

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If you're one that drains the oil from your frying pan, the grease from your baking pan, or the oils from other foods you've cooked down your drain, you could be setting yourself up for a disaster. If you're already to that point, and your kitchen sink is clogged with grease and oils that you can see caked inside the drain, you have an issue on your hands that you need to take care of. If grease is clogging your drains, you need to get it cleaned out before you have another issue. If you have a clogged kitchen drain, caked in grease, read on for tips on what you can do.

Snake The Drain

Snaking the drain can help push through the grease and oils to get liquids through your drain. Although this may only put a small hole in the clog, and you may need to use an automatic snake to get through the drain a little more and to get the sides of your drain clean as well. Snaking the drain helps break up the clog and move it all the way out of your drains.

Use A Drain Cleaning Liquid

Using a drain cleaning liquid can help disintegrate the clog rather than simply melting it down as hot water would do. That's because this method allows the clog to harden in your drain further. If you have a clog, a cleaning liquid will push it out further into the drain and hopefully out into the main sewer line. A drain cleaning liquid can be used for grease and oils, but it can also remove other clogs as well, including hair and other built-up debris inside the drain.

Plunge The Drain

If the clog inside the drain isn't too far into the drain line, you may be able to use a plunger to plunge the clog out. Grab your plunger and plunge the drain, pressing it into the drain opening so you get good suction. Once the clog is removed, you should run water down the drain to see if the water flows through without any slow drainage or water staying in the sink basin.

If you have a grease clog in your drain, don't attempt to get it clear using hot water. You'll end up allowing the clog to go out further into the drain line and cause another issue for yourself. Hire a professional plumber if you have a clog that you aren't able to clear on your own. Discover more here or check out similar websites.