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Ow Is Septic Cleaning Different From Septic Pumping?

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Undoubtedly, septic tanks are an irreplaceable asset that you need to take good care of. Routine maintenance practices will ensure their optimal functionality. Regarding maintenance, two services stand out: cleaning and pumping the tank. Although the two terms are used interchangeably, they are distinct. Here is what they both mean.

Septic Pumping

This is a process through which a technician uses a hose to get rid of liquids and sludge from the septic. They insert this giant hose in the tank to suck up the content, aiming to free space in the septic. It also helps avoid the sludge from settling as it may result in more significant issues.

You should consider scheduling a pump for your tank at least once every three years. By ensuring the tank doesn't have sludge, you are enhancing its durability. Pumping also restores the optimal biome of the tank. As such, it ensures the solids get processed faster to avoid backflow.

Septic Cleaning

While septic cleaning seems somewhat similar to pumping, there is a major distinction. Pumping solely focuses on getting rid of sludge, while cleaning focuses on draining all the components from the tank. The best way to maintain your tank is by cleaning it well. You should contact a reliable company whose staff understands how cleaning is different from pumping to get the best service.

Septic cleaning is like resetting the septic tank. It is a standard septic system solution that helps show problems like backflow or drainage issues. During cleaning, if too much solid has settled in the bottom, hydro-jetting may be used to break them up.

What to Consider When Finding a Septic Cleaning Expert

Do you need septic cleaning services? There are vital factors that you should bear in mind when scheduling your cleaning services to relay the correct information to your service provider:

Roots: If some years have gone by without cleaning, heavy roots may have grown into your tank. As roots invade the tank, they entangle with interior components, thus becoming a challenge to remove since they need more equipment than a mere vacuum hose.

Divided Walls: Most septic tanks are divided into two compartments. Therefore, while scheduling your cleaning, remember to specify that you'd like the service to clean both compartments.

Do You Need Help With Septic Cleaning?

With so many septic experts, it is important to choose a company that understands the distinction between septic cleaning and septic pumping. Remember to give details of your septic tank while scheduling your consultation. Contact a septic tank service for more information.