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Is It Time To Call For Furnace Repairs? Here Are 4 Common Signs

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One of the most unfortunate events you can encounter during the winter is finding out your furnace is broken. But this is a possible scenario for a neglected furnace. The best way to evade such a situation and ensure that your furnace runs effectively throughout the winter is through regular maintenance by a repair expert. 

Otherwise, a cold night is not the only thing you have to deal with, but health issues too. If you are not sure whether your furnace needs repair, watch out for the following signs and call for repairs at once.

Unusual Smells Coming From the Unit

It is usual for a new furnace to produce a mild smell during the initial months of operation. However, the smell should fade after some time. Therefore, a prolonged odor is a sign that all is not well. The weird smells mostly come from poor combustion due to the generation of a smelly by-product called aldehydes. Call a furnace repair technician to rectify this issue.

You Keep Struggling To Start the Furnace

As your furnace gets older, you will experience additional problems, which require regular maintenance. For instance, it is not uncommon to encounter challenges when turning your furnace on. That means it could take longer to start running or shut down several times during operation. 

Fortunately, after a thorough checkup, a furnace repair expert can restore your heating appliance. This unusual behavior can result from a dirty filter or flame sensor, which can be fixed in no time.

Some Rooms Are Warmer Than Others

A well-functioning furnace should keep all the rooms warm uniformly. So if you find that the sleeping area is colder than the lounge, it's time to schedule furnace repair services. But remember that some areas are naturally colder than others. For instance, the basement is usually colder than other rooms upstairs, even when the furnace is working.

Puddles of Water near Your Furnace

Puddles of water near the furnace are an indication that the furnace is leaking due to condensation. Two possible reasons for this problem include a clogged condensation drain or a broken line. Either way, both issues are relatively easy to fix. However, this is only possible if you call for repairs soonest possible.

It is your duty to observe your furnace for any unusual signs such as those mentioned above. Then, call for furnace repairs as soon as possible to avoid further trouble.