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4 Reasons Why Your Faucets Are Leaking And How To Fix It

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Most homeowners do not realize how much water they lose from having a leaky faucet. The few drops of water draining from your plumbing in a day can translate into hundreds of gallons in a year, affecting your water bill. Leaky faucets will also lead to mold or structural damage in the home when left unchecked. Consider these common reasons for leaking fixtures and ways to fix them.

When Some Components are Damaged

Damaged components are a common reason behind leaks in the home. Some parts that usually malfunction include the cartilages, balls, and discs. When they suffer damage, their effectiveness in staying in the open or shut position diminishes, and you find water droplets on your sink or in other parts of the house. A 24/7 plumber understands these parts better and can diagnose malfunctioning components and resolve them.

When You Have Problems with the O-ring

Not all types of faucets have an O-ring. The cartridge type has one, and its function is bridging the gap between the screw and the handle which hold the valve in place. When the ring starts to wear out, water seeps through it, causing the dripping. The ring is a round rubber component of the system, and if the damage is too extensive, you will have no choice but to repair the entire system. 

When the Home Has Water Pressure Issues

You might also experience leaks within your system because the home has problems with water pressure. Water pressure can vary depending on configuration, diameter, and piping age. Sometimes, clogs lead to water backing up inside the pipes and dripping when the faucets are closed. These are problems you can fix by contacting a plumbing repair professional. 

When the Piping is Broken or Damaged

Damages to the piping are another common reason for leaking faucets. Typically, damaged pipes lead to intermittent dripping from your water taps. Inspecting any piping you suspect could be damaged is crucial because it minimizes the possibility that other parts of the home might suffer water damage. It also helps to fix or replace the piping, to eliminate leaks. 

These are some of the most common reasons behind leaking faucets in the home. You should speak to a competent 24-hour plumber about the problems within your system and enlist their repair services. With their help, you can stop losing water, paying unnecessary high water bills, and experiencing damage in the home. 

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