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Cleaning And Maintaining Your Septic Tank

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For a home that relies on a septic system to process its wastewater, the septic tank can be one of the most important parts of this system. Unfortunately, some assumptions about these tanks can lead to individuals struggling to make effective choices about maintaining this critical part of their property.

Assumption: A Septic Tank Will Always Fully Breakdown The Solid Materials In It 

There is an assumption that a septic tank will always fully break down any solid waste that enters it. While these tanks may be able to break down the vast majority of solid materials that enter them, there are limits to the overall effectiveness of these tanks. As a result, it is likely that there will be some solid waste accumulating along the bottom of the septic tank. Therefore, the septic tanks will need to be periodically pumped and cleaned to remove these substances.

Assumption: There Is Not Much Benefit To Having The Septic Tank Cleaned

There are several ways that septic tanks will benefit from thoroughly cleaning work. One of the most important will be reducing the risk of substantial clogs forming in the system. However, cleaning the septic tank can also minimize the risk of its capacity being reduced as a result of these substances accumulating in it. Over time, a person could find that their septic tank could gradually fill with solid materials until its capacity is severely restricted. If this occurs, the drains in the home may start to run far more slowly, and the entire system could be more prone to developing clogs.

Assumption: Septic Tank Clean Will Take An Entire Day Or Two To Be Completed

For a homeowner that is needing to have their septic tank pumped, it can be normal for them to have concerns about the amount of time and the overall level of disruption that their property will experience as a result of this process. For example, a person may think that this routine septic tank maintenance will take an entire day or two for a contractor to compete. As a result, they could assume that they will be unable to use their plumbing for this entire time. In reality, the process of pumping a septic tank clean will be fairly quick as services that perform this work will have tools that can rapidly extract all of the waste and water from the septic tank. Most homes will only require a few hours for this essential process to be completed.

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