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Have A Smelly Shower? Here Are Some Probable Causes

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Each time you enter the bathroom, you desire a relaxing shower. Ultimately, this will help you freshen up and relieve stress before you embark on other activities for the day. However, this will not happen if the bathroom is smelly. In most cases, you'll likely want to rush and hop out of the shower to find the cause of the unpleasant odor. With this in mind, here are some reasons a shower is smelly.

Leaking Pipes

When a bathroom smells like sulfur or rotten eggs, it may signify a leak that may occur due to various reasons. For example, it could be that the lines are corroded, there is a faulty valve, or the faucet joints are dripping. You should know that these leaks are bothersome since they send an awful gas smell through the sewer line system. So, if there is a foul odor in your shower, consider getting a plumber. They'll replace the rusty parts and tighten loose joints to eliminate the source of unpleasant smells.

Dirty P-Trap

Whenever a shower drain starts to stink, it could signify that the P-trap is not blocking gasses from the sewer. Consequently, this will cause the odor to leak into the shower area because the device is clogged. So, if you have a P-trap, you'll need to examine it. Usually, it has water that creates the seal, averting awful odors from getting back into the building. However, if it doesn't have water or the little water is drying out, smells will be directed through the lines into the bathroom every time the facility is used. Therefore, check if the sealing device is dry or if debris is blocking it. If an item is stuck inside, scoop it out to ensure the passage is open. Then, pour clean water into this area until it's full enough. Ultimately, this simple hack will flush any minor clogs that could be causing the foul odors.

Biofilm Buildup

Another cause of shower smells is biofilm buildup. Note that this buildup forms in the bowl, ensuring wastewater doesn't flow into the sewer lines. In most cases, the clog is made of hair, dirt, dust, and solid objects, creating a sticky and sturdy layer in the lines. As a result, everything will decay or rot quickly, producing foul odors. So, to remove a biofilm, you should clean out the bathroom sink pipe. In addition, you can use an enzyme-based solution to break the film down. Ultimately, such a product will target bacteria and other microorganisms, eliminating odors.

Note that you do not have to deal with odors in the shower area on your own. Instead, call a seasoned plumber to help you find an amicable solution to your issue. They will also ensure the plumbing system operates efficiently without producing bad smells. 

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