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Questions To Answer Before Water Heater Replacement

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Installing a water heater in a residential property can look like a simple and straightforward process. However, water heater replacement can involve a few complexities that may not be immediately apparent. Therefore, it is always best to entrust the project to a plumber with the necessary tools and experience.

Before reaching out to the plumber for help, it can be helpful if you already have some information on hand so you can get a proper price quote. Take a look at a few questions to answer before calling a professional about water heater replacement.  

What is the size of the water heater you currently have?

If possible, look at your current water heater and find out what size it is. If you have a standard, tank-style hot water heater, this information is usually printed clearly on a label somewhere on the appliance. If you have a tankless water heater, look for a sticker that tells you how many gallons per minute the unit can provide. This information tells the plumber: 

  • What size water heater you may need for replacement 
  • How difficult the unit will be to remove 
  • What connectors and hardware may be needed for the replacement project 

Where is the water heater located in your home?

When the plumber knows where the appliance is located, they can get a better idea of what will be involved in water heater replacement. Therefore, it is best to have an idea before placing the call. If you are not certain where your water heater is located, be sure to check the following places: 

  • In a utility closet 
  • In your basement 
  • In the attic 
  • In the garage 
  • In your crawlspace 

Are you interested in upgrading to a better water heater?

Modern water heaters offer innovative features that up their efficiency and make them an even more valuable component of your home. For example, some water heaters have smart capabilities that allow the homeowner to turn off the unit remotely when it is not in use. 

How many gallons of hot water does your household use daily?

You may not have an exact number, but what you can do is offer a ballpark figure for how many gallons of hot water your household uses. This can give the plumber an idea of what size unit the home actually needs. But beyond that, this information can help the pro make recommendations about efficiency upgrades. For example, your home may be a good candidate for a tankless water heater if you don't use a great deal of hot water.