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Hire A Plumber To Install A Remote Spigot Near Your Garden For A Convenient Water Source

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If you're tired of dragging a long hose to your garden and pulling it back when you have to mow, talk to a plumber about installing an outdoor spigot near your garden. Having a water source near your garden where you need it is the most convenient option, and you can forget about dragging a heavy hose around. Here's an overview of some steps involved.

Create A Plan

Have a plan in mind before you bring in a plumber. You want to know where the spigot will be located, the type of post you want, and if you want special features. For instance, you may want to install an outdoor shower above the spigot or a low-foot shower so you can wash your feet after working in the garden.

Know what you want so the plumber can create a plan that includes calculating the length of pipe needed and the number of connections and other supplies they'll use.

Dig A Trench

The plumber may use a trenching machine to dig the trench so the work goes faster than digging by hand. The trench will hold the water line so the pipe is out of the way. The trench usually has to be deeper than the frost line, but it's also important to drain and winterize the outdoor spigot before the weather turns cold for the winter.

Set Up The Post

You can use a wood or vinyl fence post cut to any height you like to mount the spigot. You may want to keep the post tall so you can add hooks or hangers to hold buckets and other garden tools or a wound hose. The spigot is then attached to the post and connected to the water line.

Connect The Water Line

The water line also has to be connected back to your house. This might be done at the outdoor spigot that is on the side of your house if that's possible. If not, the plumber may need to connect the new line to a line inside against the exterior wall. The exact method for doing this depends on what type of pipes you have and where the pipes are located.

Once all of the connections are made, the water can be turned on and the new system tested. The plumber will ensure there are no leaks and the water pressure is good before moving the soil back into the trench and finishing up the work.

An outdoor spigot located in your garden is a nice touch of convenience when you like to spend time working outside. You can wash your vegetables, water your garden, and clean up without having to drag a heavy hose around or walk back to the house.

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