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Are You Getting Low Water Pressure From The City Water System? Here's How A Pressure Tank And Booster Pump Can Fix The Problem

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Low water pressure across your entire home is a major hassle. It can make it difficult to wash off soap when you take a shower, and you'll also have trouble scrubbing grime off of dishes. In addition, appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine can take a long time to fill when the water pressure in your home is low.

When your home is connected to the city water system and low water pressure affects every appliance and plumbing fixture in your home, it's often because the water coming from the city has low pressure. Thankfully, you can pressurize the water entering your home yourself by installing a pressure tank and a booster pump. To find out how low water pressure happens and why a pressure tank and booster pump can fix it, read on.

Why Do Some Homes on City Water Have Low Water Pressure?

There are several reasons why water coming from the municipal water mains can be low. Your home may be at the end of the water main line, which will result in low pressure because the pressure will drop when homes connected earlier in the line use water. The water main feeding your home may also be going uphill to reach your home, which will lower the pressure of the water inside as it fights against gravity. The diameter of the water main supplying water to your home may also be very small, which will result in low pressure since it can't supply an adequate amount of water.

These aren't problems that you can solve on your own. Your water company is responsible for the location and size of its water mains. In order to increase water pressure, you'll need to install a booster pump and a pressure tank in your home.

How Can a Booster Pump and Pressure Tank Improve Water Pressure?

A pressure tank contains water and a bladder that's filled with air. Water enters the tank from the bottom, and the rising water level presses upwards on the air bladder, compressing the air. When you use the water from the tank, the compressed air inside the bladder will force it out, adding water pressure.

When the pressure of the incoming water is very low, however, the force of the water won't compress the air inside the pressure tank. You'll need to pair a pressure tank with a booster pump. A booster pump turns on when it needs to fill the tank, forcing water from your city water supply into the tank and compressing the air inside the bladder. When the tank is full, the pump will turn off. It will cycle on and off to keep the tank full of pressurized water.

Installing a pressure tank and booster pump will allow you to solve the problem of low water pressure coming from the city water supply. If your home isn't getting enough pressure from the city water system, call a plumbing service in your area and ask about having a pressure tank and a booster pump installed in your home. You'll be able to take showers with enough water pressure to get clean, and your appliances will also fill at a faster rate. 

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