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A Sewer Line Inspection Uses A Video Camera To Determine The Condition Of Your Home's Sewer

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If you're curious about the condition of a sewer line in a home you want to buy or if you own a home with a sewer line that keeps clogging, you may want to have a sewer line inspection done with a camera. An inspection shows what the inside of the line looks like, so you don't have to wonder if the line is cracked or full of roots. Here's when a sewer line inspection is a good idea and how a plumber can do one.

When To Get A Sewer Line Inspection

Any time you need to find out the condition of the sewer line, you should have a video inspection done rather than dig up your yard to see the line. A video inspection isn't disruptive at all. The camera makes a video of the inside of the pipe as it is fed in the line. You might want to do this before you buy a house so you don't end up buying a home with a sewer problem.

If you detect a sewer odor in your backyard, and wonder if you have a leak, call a plumber for a video inspection. Also, if your sewer keeps clogging off, you may want an inspection done to see what's causing the clog. In addition, if your sewer line is clogged off, a plumber may recommend having a sewer line inspection done before using a hydro jet to clear the clog.

How A Sewer Line Inspection Is Done

An inspection is done with a camera that's attached to a long cable on a reel. The camera has a light on it so the inside of the line lights up and is easy to see. The plumber can unwind the reel and move the camera through the pipe. The reel cage has a monitor attached to it that shows the video in real time as the camera moves along.

The camera can send back video of tree roots clogging the line, a collapsed pipe, corrosion on the sides of the pipe, and any other clogs and damage that might be present. Once the plumber has this information, they know how to proceed to clear or repair the pipe.

If you want a sewer line inspection done as part of the home buying process, you'll need to get the inspection yourself and pay for it apart from the traditional home inspection. A home inspection that's done when buying and selling a house usually does not include a video inspection of the sewer line. A business like Mesquite Plumbing Inc has more information.