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Plumbing: 3 Signs You Should Commission Faucet Replacement

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It's very easy to forget about the mechanisms that support the functionality of the faucets around your home. When these fixtures have been working correctly for as long as you can remember, it's hard to imagine that they can sustain damage. But just like other residential plumbing fixtures, faucets can wear out after extensive use. That's why you should have a plumber's number on speed dial to ensure you can reach out to a professional when your faucets need fixing. Normally, a simple repair restores a spout to normal function, but sometimes, the damage could be so bad that the best solution is to invest in a new spout. In this article, you'll discover three signs you should commission a faucet replacement.

Leaking Handles

The most obvious sign that you need a tap replacement is leaking handles. And this shouldn't come as a surprise because water outlets are not designed to last a lifetime. So if the handles drip water when you turn the tap on, it's about time you upgrade the water outlets around your home.

Leaking tap handles aren't only irritating, but they also cause water wastage. By replacing the taps, you restore your home's compact interior design and keep your monthly water bills low. Your plumber will help you choose modern tap designs that complement your home's outlook and are designed to serve you over an extended period.

Rusted Handles

Another indication that it's time to upgrade the water outlets around your home is rusted handles. You will know your faucets are rusted if you feel rough corrosion every time you turn them on. If you move into an old residential property, the water outlets should be one of the features you upgrade because they'll likely be rusted.

To get an accurate diagnosis, reach out to residential plumbing services and let them inspect the faucets. Your plumbing technician will help you upgrade to water outlets that are less susceptible to rust. This way, you don't have to worry about faucet replacement for a long time.

Mineral Buildup

The last sign of worn-out residential spouts is mineral buildup inside the fixtures. And since this is a hidden indication, the best way to know about it is if your plumber takes the water outlets apart. The professional will recommend faucet replacement because the mineral buildup cannot be cleared.

Since mineral accumulation occurs in households supplied with hard water, your plumber will also recommend investing in a water treatment system. Filtering out minerals in the water extends your faucets' lifespans and increases the purity of your tap water.

Now that you know how to tell if your faucets are worn out, don't hesitate to contact residential plumbing services and commission a faucet upgrade when you notice the signs discussed above.