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3 Preventative Plumbing Services You Should Use This Fall to Prevent a Plumbing Emergency This Winter

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As many homeowners know, the cold winter season can bring quite a few common plumbing problems with it. However, what many homeowners do not realize is that they can often avoid many of these wintertime plumbing issues by taking advantage of a few preventative plumbing services during the fall season. With the fall season right around the corner, now is the perfect time for you to reach out to a residential plumbing company to inquire about using these preventative services in your own home. 

Clearing Blockages From Drain Pipes

Blockages are a very common issue during the fall season since falling leaves can easily accumulate near drain pipes and ultimately make their way inside your plumbing system. If these blockages are not cleared before the winter arrives, they could result in your drains running much slower. This will not only make your plumbing system less effective, but it can also leave your pipes more vulnerable to freezing. That is why you should always take advantage of drain pipe cleaning services during the fall season in order to avoid more serious issues come wintertime. 

Insulating Your Pipes

If your area commonly sees below-freezing temperatures during the winter, your home could be in danger of freezing pipes. This is a very serious issue since not only will a frozen pipe fail to provide water to your home, but it can also burst as a result of the increased pressure. If the pipe ends up bursting, you could find yourself dealing with extensive water damage in addition to the necessary plumbing repairs. The good news is that you can help significantly reduce the chances of your pipes freezing this winter by taking the time to have your pipes properly insulated during the fall. This is especially important if you have pipes that are located in areas of your home that are poorly insulated or that are not warmed by your heating system. 

Inspecting Your Water Heater

As the temperature outside begins to drop, the temperature of the water entering your water heater will drop as well. As a result, your water heater will need to work harder in order to heat your water to a comfortable temperature. This can put increased stress on your water heater during the entire winter season. If your water heater has parts that are already showing signs of wear, this extra stress could cause your water heater to fail or begin leaking. That is why you should always have your water heater inspected by a plumber during the fall season in order to ensure this appliance is ready for everything that winter is bound to throw at it.

For help with your winter plumbing, go to sites of residential plumbers in your area to find a local service.