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Plumbing Services: 3 Reasons Your Kitchen Sink Is Draining Wastewater Slowly

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Does it take too long for your sink to drain the wastewater after washing dishes? A slow sink is very annoying since you must take a long time to do simple tasks such as washing your dishes. Additionally, if the sink is not repaired and cleaned as soon as possible, it will become completely clogged and stop draining water. Therefore, if you experience a slow drainage problem, you need to hire a plumber to investigate the cause and clean the drains. Here are three reasons your drains might get clogged.

1. Accumulation of Food Particles

Small food particles, fats, cooking oils, and dirt fragments will always go down the drain after dishwashing chores. After some time, these food particles will get stuck along the walls of your pipes, and the more you use your sink, the more food particles will accumulate in the drainage pipes. These particles eventually cause clogs that constrict the pipes, making it hard for wastewater to move smoothly down the drains. Luckily, you can contact a plumber to remove the clog and solve this problem before it worsens.

2. Septic Tank Slurry

Septic tank issues also affect the rate at which your kitchen sink drains water. That's because slurry accumulates in your septic tank and obstructs the main drain line. As a result, this might make all the drains in your house slow down. Consequently, you will need a drain cleaner if you find yourself in such a situation since they can assess and solve the drain-related problem.

3. Obstacles in the P-Trap 

The P-trap is the piping segment located under your sink. Since the P-trap is curved, debris will get trapped on the bend easily, making it hard to get rid of them. So, the grease, dirt, and debris you pour into the sink might accumulate and stick to the walls of the P-trap, causing blockages. If you think your sink drainage system is slow due to obstructions in the P-trap, you should get in touch with a plumber as soon as possible to remove the clogs.

Are you wondering what is causing your sink to drain slowly? Don't try to unclog your drains. Instead, contact a reputable plumbing company to address those problems. The plumber will identify the main cause of your drainage issue and clean the drains or replace any broken drain pipes to improve wastewater flow. Therefore, don't wait for the drains to stop working completely to seek plumbing services; reach out to a plumber as soon as you notice the first signs of clogged drains.