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What Methods Are Used To Repair A Leaky Pipe Under A Slab?

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Occasionally, homes with concrete foundations can develop slab leaks. This is a problem that results from water leaking into your home and can cause severe damage. Only an experienced plumber will be able to determine what is wrong and recommend the correct action. Then, there are several things that must be done before your slab can be repaired.

Excavations Required

Depending on the nature of the slab leak, the plumber might need to engage in excavation to access the source of the leak and correct it. When excavating your property, your landscaping might become damaged. However, not repairing the slab leak can lead to much more serious damage. However, depending on the origin of the leak, the excavation might simply require a shovel and might cause minimal damage.

Permits Required

Given all the digging that might be involved, the plumber might need to obtain various permits before the work can begin. These permits can cost hundreds of dollars. However, the cost of the permits is much lower than the cost of the overall slab leak repair job.

When repairing your slab, you will need to have your utilities shut off. This must be done with permission from local authorities or else you might face a fine.

Slab Repair Methods

The type of fix will depend on the nature of the damage done to your home. For example, you might need to have the entire slab replaced if there is severe damage and if your slab is unstable. The contractor might need to remove your floor, correct the leak, and pour a new slab on top of the repaired pipes.

In other cases, only a portion of your concrete floor will need to be demolished. The contractor will locate the leak, break open the concrete slab, repair the leak, and will then replace the portion of the slab that needed to be removed.

Less Destructive Methods

An easier method might be to simply reroute the pipe. If the plumber can access the right section of pipe, cut that pipe out, and add new pipe, this can be the most cost-effective solution because your concrete slab doesn't need to be excavated.

Another way to avoid breaking through the concrete slab is to tunnel over it to be able to access it. However, if you consider this to be too destructive, a trenchless option might also be available that coats the inside of your pipe.

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