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How To Get Your Broken Boiler Running Again After A Cold Winter

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Boilers can break down at any time of the year. However, they are most likely to break down in the middle of winter. They are working at maximum capacity and you are placing a lot more strain on the components during this time. If your boiler is already very old, the internal components have been subjected to wear and tear for a very long time.

Why Boilers Break Down in the Winter

Boilers operate at very high temperatures. Heat causes individual parts to warp and break down. Seals and protective coatings are more likely to break down when they are subjected to a great degree of heat. 

While boilers are very hot, they do not actually boil water. They are called boilers because of the steam boilers in the past that used to be common and would make steam by boiling water. However, the boiler in your home will act as a water heater that uses natural gas and will also keep your home warm. Rather than using forced air, a boiler is a radiant heating system.

You Don't Have to Replace Your Boiler

Boilers work great when they are installed correctly. However, a faulty installation can lead to a boiler that is not able to handle the strain it is placed under. However, if your boiler breaks, you will not necessarily have to replace it because a boiler repair technician will be able to fix the broken internal components for you.

Why Boilers Fail

The most common reason why a boiler stops working is that the pump fails. You may begin to hear your boiler pump make unusual noises. The pump can start to leak. Also, your boiler will simply not be generating the heat that your home needs.

The Role of the Boiler Pump

The purpose of the pump is to circulate water from your boiler to the rest of your home. The pump delivers hot water to your taps, your radiators, and your showers. Therefore, when the pump stops working, you might turn on the faucet and no hot water comes out.

Why the Pump Breaks

The pump most often stops working because of a jammed propeller or shaft. These components can become stuck because of debris inside the pump. Some homeowners have been able to get their pumps to start working again by tapping on them gently. However, if you are not able to get your pump to work, a boiler repair technician will be able to help.

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